On behalf of the Symposium conveners, it is our great pleasure to welcome you to Viña del Mar, Chile for the 7th International Otolith Symposium (IOS).

The Series of International Otolith Symposium has travelled widely since 1993, and now we are delighted to host the 7th IOS in South America. The objective of this symposium is to know the scientific advances in otolith research and other calcified structures, as tools to address ecological and environmental problems in aquatic ecosystems and their resources.

The 7th IOS will provide an international forum for students and scientists from all continents to present their new studies, discuss on potential new applications, project future perspectives and expand their research networks. To date the following five events have been held since 1993:

a) 1st IOS (1993, South Carolina, USA)

b) 2nd IOS (1998, Bergen, Norway,)

c) 3rd IOS (2004, Townville, Australia)

d) 4th IOS (2009, Monterrey, USA)

e) 5th IOS (2014, Mallorca, Spain,)

f) 6th IOS (2018, Keelung, Taiwan)

We look forward to meeting you in Viña del Mar (Chile) on October 2023.